Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 - A great new year!

We are thrilled to begin this new year. We are sure it will be a year full of fun, laughter, new experiences and....lots of poop. The babies are all terrific and everyday get a tiny bit easier to handle. Now by no means can we do this alone yet, but we are working our way there and we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our friend Darcy has begun working nights to help us make it through the days and we continue to have friends and family helping out as well. Three days this week, they have all slept the same 3 hours so that is a start!

Ella surprised us a week ago and decided to roll over from her stomach to her back which was neat and surprising. She did it for two days and has now decided that she didn't like being treated like our little performance monkey and has since stopped. In fact, now she gets a little mad if we even try it:) She is the happiest baby on the block for sure though and is full of smiles and laughs. At night she sometimes smiles at the empty air which can be a little unnerving as you can't help to turn a little to see what/who she is looking at at 3:30am that is so funny.

Slade is our serious little man who only hands out smiles to a select few and only if you are extremly funny. He is patient and kind and only gets even slightly angry if he has to wait too long to eat. He has found the TV and thinks it is the coolest thing on earth and will crain his neck to make sure he is watching it at all times even if he is eating... He is loving getting help sitting up when you grab his hands and let him pull. We think we may have seen a dimple on this one but the verdict is still out.

Claire, oh Claire. The red hair may be the fire behind her passion for when is is hot she is hot. You have never seen a baby with more expression including frequently furrowing her brow when there is something she doesn't like and wrinkling her forehead when she is angry. When she is sad she puffs out her bottom lip and can make tears within 30 sec. She also has the biggest smile and rolls on the floor from side to side when she is happy. We figure any day now she will roll over as well. In addition, she may be one of the first 9lb babies that can completely hold her head up. It looks a little strange and has been compared to the dancing baby on the computer.

We can't believe it has almost been 6 months since our tiny 1.5 babies were born. We didn't even know if they were going to live and not a day goes by that I forget how far we have come. On Feb. 11th we have their 6 month check up and I'll post the most recent weights.

My sister her last day as night nanny last week...