Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to the World Maren Lila Milligan!!

Maren Lila Milligan made her grand entrance into the world on Jan. 27th at 7:59am. The planned c-section was 3 weeks early but she was still a big girl weighing in at 7lbs 1oz and 19.25 inches. She is so absolutely amazing and we are over the moon to have her in our lives!

The c-section and recovery have been an easy continuation of an easy pregnancy. I walked into labor and delivery around 5:45am and announced my arrival to have a baby. They hooked me up to various machines, I put on some chap stick and then I walked into the operating room. Yes, walked. There they put in my epidural, let my husband come in and right on schedule brought out an amazing baby girl. This was the complete opposite of my previous delivery where I was in labor and terrified of the outcome. It was joyous! I got to see her right away, she screamed the entire time which was music to my ears. Then they brought her to me and set her on my chest where I fell in love with another awesome baby. Brian then was allowed to hold her and carry her in his arms to the nursery. Again, very different than last time where they were whisked away. I then laid there talking to the doctors and nurses while they fixed a hernia and sewed me up. In recovery, they brought in Maren to nurse and she easy and promptly latched on and three days later we still have had great success.

My recovery has been smooth and not near as painful as last time either. I suppose one cut vs several makes a difference. I was up and walking the first day and was able to take a shower on day 2. I really hope I'm not jinxing myself here, but all in all, this has been one of the best experiences in my life.

Today I get to go home and we get to introduce Maren to her brother and sisters. I am soooo excited to see all of my babies together! This is the longest I've ever gone without seeing the triplets and I miss them soooooo much. When I found out I was pregnant with Maren I was absolutely terrified and thought I'd never survive. But now I couldn't be any happier with the outcome and am excited for our new family to be united!!!

Check out all her hair!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Having a baby tomorrow!

This planned c-section thing is strange.... I will post photos sometime tomorrow.... Goodnight!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So I have about three weeks to go until our fourth little baby is born. Where has the time gone? My c-section is scheduled for January 27th. So since this is most likely my last pregnancy (although I'm not getting "fixed" till I'm 35 in case I change my...Brian's...mind) I wanted to write a bit about it. First off it is way more awesome to be pregnant with one baby than with three. I highly recommend it:) Its so cool to feel the kicking of one huge baby, my stomach rolls day and night. While its freaky as well, its also such an amazing feeling, one that I will miss. While I'm certainly tired and would not live without my mom, Brian's dad and Michele's help, this pregnancy has been overall, dare I say, easy. I'm not in any pain, unlike the triplet pregnancy where I was always sore. Most nights I sleep like a rock and really am comfortable. All in all I can say I really enjoy it and think it would have been cool to spread it out a bit. But I suppose having 4 kids in 18 months is just one other way to do it.

As for the triplets, they are doing so great. I'm really starting to enjoy each of their personalities and their differences. Now they are starting to test limits as well and really enjoy hitting each other. We are working on this though. Claire is hilarious. She runs from me constantly looking back with a smile as if I'm always chasing her even though I may just be typing on the computer. She is happy 90% of the time and smiles such a big smile. Slade is turning into such a boy. He is finally walking although he still prefers to crawl about 60% of the time. He loves to be tickled and loves to do the opposite of whatever I say. Ella is my strong but sweet little lady. She understands everything and yesterday even went into the bedroom and got Slade's pants when I asked her to. She loves shoes and begs to have them on all the time.

All in all, life is good, albeit a bit hectic. I'm still terrified about having a new baby at home but with the help of family and friends I think we will survive. I hope we will survive.


Professional photo
My attempt at a good christmas photo

Ella Excited
Claire loves her daddy

Looking at me outside

Christmas dinner with the cousins

Ella excited again...

Slade & Daddy