Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Bites

1. Babies are cuter than ever and are starting to be more fun

2. Ella is beginning to learn to crawl but prefers to do it face down
3. We made our first trip with all three babies to Sams club and then again the next day to the Wildflower center and survived.
4. All three still eat every 3-4 hours at night and not always the same hours but we are working on it. Sometimes I sleep 4 hours, sometimes 30min.
5. I would die without my moms daily help which allows me a two hour nap.
6. They all are liking baby food and prefer pears and greenbeans the most.
7. More to come when they are sleeping more:)

Our feeding set up..

Cousin Scotti taught Slade how to eat his own toes...

Ella, our little lamb...

Who said pool floats were just for the pool, not Claire!