Friday, September 24, 2010

It's a girl!

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Well maybe not to Mr. Slade:) But we are so excited to welcome another frilly fancy princess into our family! She is in perfect health and measuring right on track!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, life has gotten busy so I haven't gotten to post those birthday pics day! Brian ran to get supper so I only have a few minutes for an update. Over the last two months when I didn't post we've had quite a few milestones. Slade can now crawl and pull to standing, Ella can walk, and as of yesterday Claire took about 8 steps alone as well. Its weird having three babies at all different stages but its neat to watch the progression as well. In addition, Claire can blow kisses, point to her nose and dance...or what we like to call dancing anyways. When given a pen, Ella immediately bends down to "draw" which is a big step being that her siblings suck on it immediately instead. Slade blows bubbles on everything and has turned into a fabulous eater so hopefully he'll catch up in weight to his sisters too. Finally all three are now turning the pages of board books and really enjoy the kinds with different textures. OK, so for most people reading this I'm sure this is super boring. However, I haven't updated the baby books in awhile so this is to serve as my bookmark of events. Ella has 5 teeth, Claire 3 and Slade 2. Boring I know.

So the fun part...the surprise. Well it turns out I'm pregnant. I'm actually teetering on being 18 weeks pregnant. This was a surprise however we did plan on having more kids so we like to think of it as early gift. My c-section will be late January although it will be scheduled 3 weeks early due to the amount of scarring I have due to the trio. Being pregnant with one it turns out though is awfully easy...compared to three that is. I had no idea how hard I had it the first time around. I can still almost sleep on my stomach where at this time with the trio I was already on bed rest and measuring around 30 weeks. However, nausea still comes and go's which is a pain. We were definitely shocked to find out the news as I'm sure many of you are as well, but with the help of our wonderful family and friends I'm sure we'll survive. We are excited and can't wait to see what this new little one looks and acts like!

So with that being said, we were quite nervous about our recent trip to Seattle with the babies and me pregnant. But it went so well. They did great on the plane as well as on the train, bus and ferry. We went hiking, took a ferry through the San Juan Islands, ate fresh crab, and got to play in the grass with no fire ants or bugs! One day I'll post those pics as well!!!

Ok Brian's home, I'll try and not wait so long between posts but no promises!