Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finally an update!

Ok, I'm the worst blogger ever since having these babies! So we have had a very fast paced month as both girls are now crawling! Ella started awhile back and Claire began last week. Also Ella frequently pulls to standing and we've seen Claire do it once as well. (correction, as of last night, Ella can make her way around the 6x6 playpen walking but holding on to the edges.) All three babies can sit on their own now but only Ella has figured out how to get in sitting position by herself. Slade is perfectly content playing with his toys and is in no hurry to crawl yet. However, twice last week, Claire had him in a wrestling hold and Ella sat on him, so he better catch up quick or he may end up hurt:) We are so impressed with or little ladies and their crawling being that while their actual age may have been 9 months, they were only approx. 6 months adjusted. A mom can brag right? In addition we are especially pleased at Ella's progress as she is the one that had that severe brain bleed that put her at an elevated risk for developmental delays or CP. But rather it seems she has super hero strength.

What else? Hmmm, they are eating a ton of different food now and we are trying to refine their fine motor skills but offering some table food as well like chopped banana and rice puffs. They grasp them just fine but usually end up feeding their eyes or ears. They all seem to really like the more savory dishes they are getting now like "Creamy Apple Chicken Compote." Fancy eh?

Our outings are getting more frequent and the babies seem to really enjoy them. They've now been to a concert, a soccer game, day camping and several stores and peoples houses all together (separate they've had a ton of journeys). They especially like getting home and playing, its like its a whole new living room after a day out.

Sleep. Oh sweet sleep. I still get pretty much nothing but its at the doctors orders. You see we went to their 9 month check up and since they are still not on the charts yet for weights (Ella is in the 6% but that's nothing) we have to continue feeding them every 4 hours at night. It makes sense as if you had a term baby that was in the 0% or 6% you would probably feed them alot more often as well. So that's fine, the problem is they wake up WAY more frequently than that and it drives me crazy! But we are trying a new method starting today to hopefully decline the amount of wakings. Cross your fingers for us!

Ok, well I better enjoy this naptime and do some cleaning. I'll post videos soon of the crawling, walking, etc!

9 Month Stats
Ella - 16lbs
Slade - 13lbs
Claire - 14lbs