Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

On July 19th our tiny little babies turned 1 year old. Its so amazing how far they've come from their under 2lb little bodies. They are crawling, pulling up, babbling, and eating toast for breakfast. We are just so thankful for the doctors and nurses who helped our little trio grow and thrive into the perfect little creatures they are today. Each weekend of the month, we took and individual baby out to lunch for a little alone birthday celebration with mom and dad (and grandpa's). Thank you to Heather, Dustin, Holly, Matt and Darcy for watching the other two so we could make this possible. Each baby enjoyed their alone time and we had fun getting to go out as well! Their birthday was just a small celebration as they will get to have a big party next weekend. The only downside was it was the only time for the babies to have their 1 year checkup, so they had to start their new year with vaccinations. However they handled it well and now all three are on the charts for their weights! What a great year it has been, although its been absolutely ridiculously hard, I still believe that its all been worth it! Pictures to come...

1 year weights
Ella - 18lbs 11oz (13 percentile)
Claire - 16lbs 9oz (1 percentile)
Slade - 16lbs (.05 percentile)