Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So I have about three weeks to go until our fourth little baby is born. Where has the time gone? My c-section is scheduled for January 27th. So since this is most likely my last pregnancy (although I'm not getting "fixed" till I'm 35 in case I change my...Brian's...mind) I wanted to write a bit about it. First off it is way more awesome to be pregnant with one baby than with three. I highly recommend it:) Its so cool to feel the kicking of one huge baby, my stomach rolls day and night. While its freaky as well, its also such an amazing feeling, one that I will miss. While I'm certainly tired and would not live without my mom, Brian's dad and Michele's help, this pregnancy has been overall, dare I say, easy. I'm not in any pain, unlike the triplet pregnancy where I was always sore. Most nights I sleep like a rock and really am comfortable. All in all I can say I really enjoy it and think it would have been cool to spread it out a bit. But I suppose having 4 kids in 18 months is just one other way to do it.

As for the triplets, they are doing so great. I'm really starting to enjoy each of their personalities and their differences. Now they are starting to test limits as well and really enjoy hitting each other. We are working on this though. Claire is hilarious. She runs from me constantly looking back with a smile as if I'm always chasing her even though I may just be typing on the computer. She is happy 90% of the time and smiles such a big smile. Slade is turning into such a boy. He is finally walking although he still prefers to crawl about 60% of the time. He loves to be tickled and loves to do the opposite of whatever I say. Ella is my strong but sweet little lady. She understands everything and yesterday even went into the bedroom and got Slade's pants when I asked her to. She loves shoes and begs to have them on all the time.

All in all, life is good, albeit a bit hectic. I'm still terrified about having a new baby at home but with the help of family and friends I think we will survive. I hope we will survive.


  1. Gives me chills knowing that you've been able to enjoy this pregnancy! What a treat. Can't believe it's already time for the bitty one to be here. Time does fly!!

  2. We are looking forward to hearing the new little one has arrived. I can't imagine how busy you will be!! We just had Addi and Jana for a 10 day visit and found just one little tyke kept us hopping. Babies are such a treasure.